Cold Spray

Masking for Cold Spray (Low Pressure) Coatings - a relatively newer coating style, cold spray is used to produce very dense coatings with very little oxidation - in other words, the coatings are dense and pure.

Cold spray allows for the coating of soft metals such as aluminum and has some uses for corrosion resistance but is not yet widely used in commercial settings.

PTFE Group tape and compound can be used to strategically mask non target surfaces of parts/components that are to be sprayed.

Key Considerations:

  • Low vs High Pressure - It is important to identify whether the equipment used is low pressure or high pressure cold spray. For low pressure systems tapes and compounds can be used for masking. As high pressure systems involve extremely high velocities, we do not supply a masking product (tape, fabric, or compound) that is suitable for high pressure cold spray coatings.

Recommended Materials

For masking cold spray applications, we recommend: