Masking for Gas Fueled HVOF

Process improvement for time and cost savings - Gaseous Fueled High Velocity Oxy Fuel coating process (GF-HVOF) is a high value/high cost method of applying coatings to high value components. GF-HVOF is the most effective method for applying wear coatings and is used for applying very dense wear coatings such as tungsten carbide, chrome carbide, stainless steel as well as exotic blended alloys.

Due to the high demands of GF-HVOF coating process, the masking process is much more complex than for other types of thermal spray coating. The materials used must have the highest resistance to heat, pressure and abrasion. Use of the wrong materials can be costly. On the other hand, use of the right masking materials and methods can result in significant time and cost savings.

PTFE Group tapes and compounds can be used to mask against GF-HVOF spray applications, and in many cases, the same masking application can be used for both grit blasting and the spray coating. The result is time savings, reduced risk of masking failure, and reduced time and labour costs.

Recommended Materials

For GF-HVOF masking applications, we recommend using the following:

  • HVMC (High Velocity Masking Compound) – two part silicone putty
  • HVMT  (HVOF Tape) – new heavy silicone tape that is both flexible and abrasive resistant
  • HVMT Orange - new soft/pliable silicone tape offering protection from heat and abrasion.
  • 170-14C – single layer heavy thermal spray masking tape.