Process and Conveyor Belting

PTFE Group provides the highest quality fabric and open mesh belting products for a wide range of custom and OEM applications. Fabric belts are hand crafted from Fluorofab® PTFE and Silicone coated glass fabrics in any length and widths up to 89" inches.

Open mesh belts are fabricated from highly durable PTFE coated fiberglass and/or aramid mesh with openings ranging from 1 mm to 6 mm. 1 x 1 mm uncoated polyester mesh belts are also available.

Key strengths common to all PTFE Group product lines include strength, durability, non-stick surfaces that resist chemical bonding, and resistance to high and low temperatures. The non-toxic, tasteless and odorless qualities of the PTFE coating make it appropriate for use for food handling and many other applications.